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What is Rush App

Rush App is an Indian gaming platform you can use on your phone. You play different games and have a shot at winning real money. Have fun with top games like Carrom, Ludo, Call Break, Cricket, and many more, competing against others for cash prizes and winning the game. You can download Rush apk for both mobile devices and computer or laptop devices.

Best Rush APK Download Latest Version :

Rush was made primarily for phones and had no exclusive computer version that maens it can not made for computer device but We are exploring the most recent Rush APK for Computer on an emulator. It is best for recovering photographs and videos from your mobile devices and works on both Android and iPhone So Rush APK Download And Enjoy.

What is Rush APK

In India, the Rush app is a popular gaming platform where players can play a Any range of games and win real money prizes. This platform has an important, active user base and is increasing in popularity swiftly.. Because players have been consistently winning large amounts of money, it attracts to people wishing to combine fun with an opportunity of earning money.

There is a growing notion that the Rush app could one day surpass even popular gaming hub like Winzo in terms of popularity and attract in India. It has received a lot of attention thanks to the possibility of receiving large cash awards and its easy-to-use design its user friendly.

You can choose from a variety of games in the Rush Apk! You can choose from a variety of games, including Ludo, Rummy, Call Break, Carrom, Quizzy, Snakes & Ladders, Fruit Fight, Brick Smash, Knife Master, Archery, Football, Golf and Many More Games .

You receive a bonus of 25 rupees when you start! You use this to sign up for Application. Additionally, if you want to add additional cash to your game, simply put it in your wallet and start playing and enjoying the game!

more than 1 million downloads. That’s a sizable amount, which indicates that many people truly enjoy it. People claim it’s good and it makes it very simple for you to withdraw any winnings using apps like UPI and Paytm all it takes is one click!

List Of Some Features

  • Easy KYC and Withdrawal
  • Daily Free Spins for Cash Prizes
  • Low Competition, High Earnings
  • Easy Money Transfer
  • Big Prizes in Tournaments
  • Referral Reward of ₹1000

Rush App Features

Low Competition, High Earnings

Low Competition, High Earnings

Low Competition, High Earnings” means that on the Rush App, there aren’t as many people competing, which increases your chances of winning more money. You have a better chance of winning larger rewards when there are fewer competitors fighting for the prizes.

Easy KYC and Withdrawal

Easy KYC and Withdrawal

Easy KYC and Withdrawal” means that on the Rush App, verifying your identity and taking out your earnings is simple and straightforward. By verifying that you are who you say you are that all, this process helps to minimizing fraud. So, once you’ve won some money, getting it into your hands is hassle-free. Because of this, using the Rush App is a simple and fast way to earn money.

Available on Android and iOS

Rush Apk Available on Android and iOS” means that you can use the Rush App on both Android phones and iPhones. This is great because it doesn’t matter which type of phone you have; you can still enjoy the app and all its games. So, whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you can easily access the Rush App and have fun playing games and potentially earning money.

Free Entry Options

Free Entry Options” means that there are games on the Rush App that you can play without having to pay any money upfront. This is a useful feature because it allows you to play games and have fun without having to spend any money at first. It’s a great chance to get a feel for the app and see If you enjoy playing before deciding whether to commit money. So, if you’re looking to have some fun without any financial commitment, the Rush App provides options for that.

Low Withdrawal Limit

Low Withdrawal Limit

Low Withdrawal Limit” means that on the Rush App, you can take out your earnings with as little as ₹25. You don’t have to wait until you’ve won a significant amount to get your money, which is truly convenient. It’s great for people who need quick and simple access to their money.

Variety of Games

Variety of Games

Variety of Games” means that on the Rush App, you have many different types of games to choose from. You can play That many games like Carrom, Ludo, and Call Break, More others. You have many options and never become bored because of this. So, no matter what kind of game you enjoy, you’re likely to find it on the Rush App!

Some More Features

Easy Money Transfer :

  • Easy Money Transfer” means it’s straightforward to move the money you’ve earned on the Rush App to your bank or digital payment account. It’s a simple process, so you can quickly access your earnings without any Problem. This makes using the Rush App easy for managing your winnings .

Quick Ludo Matches :

  • This means that when you play Ludo on Rush App, the games are fast-paced, so you can finish a match relatively quickly. It’s exciting and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Get ₹1000 for Referring :

  • By inviting friends to join Rush App, you can earn ₹1000 as a reward. This is a bonus for new players.

Win Millions in Cash :

  • Rush App has seen players collectively winning over 8 crores! This means that many users have won millions of rupees by playing games on the app.

Spin for Daily Cash Prizes :

  • Every day, you have the opportunity to spin a wheel and win cash prizes. It’s a simple and fun way to earn money.

₹50000 Prize Pool Weekly Contest :

  • Rush App organizes a tournament every week with a total prize pool of ₹50000. This means that the winners of the contest will share this amount.

Rush APK Download

Rush APK Download
App Name Rush App
94.70 MB
2 Crore + Downloads
4.3 +

What’s New In Latest Version

All The Informative Information About the New Latest Version

What's New In Latest Version

  • Improves focus & concentration
  • Enhance strategy & analytical skills
  • Boosts memory
  • Relieves stress, depression & burnout
  • Increases brain functioning
  • Elevates hand-eye coordination
Download For Mobile

How to Install Rush APK

How to Install Rush APK 2023:

I’m going to show you the easiest way to put Rush APK 2023 on your phone. It’s simple, so get ready! Follow these steps to get the app smoothly.

  1. Download the Latest APK :
    • Click on the download button to get the latest APK file.
  2. Open the App :
    • Once downloaded, open the Rush App.
  3. Access Download Settings :
    • Go to the download settings of your browser.
  4. Click on Rush APK File :
    • Locate and click on the Rush APK download file.
  5. Adjust Installation Settings :
    • If prompted, allow installations from sources other than the Play Store.
  6. Install the Rush App :
    • Click on the option to install the Rush App.
rush app
rush apk install
rush app installation
rush app open

Once it’s done, open the app and playing more games to earn money.

Great Job! You’ve Got Rush APK on Your Phone.

Now, you have full control and can play those awesome games to earn Money So, why wait? Go ahead and Make money from the beginning!

Rush App Interface

Rush App All Game Names & Details



Ludo is a classic board game where players race their tokens around the board, aiming to be the first to get all their tokens to the center. Players move their tokens based on the roll of a die four people can play one time.



Rummy is a card game where players aim to form sets (three or four cards of the same rank) or runs (three or more cards in consecutive order of the same suit). The game involves skill and strategy in creating valid combinations.

Call Break

Call Break

Call Break is a trick-taking card game played with a standard deck. Players aim to win a pre-determined number of tricks in each round, and scoring is based on
achieving or failing to
achieve the target.



Carrom is a tabletop game where players use a striker to pocket coins of their own color into corner pockets on a square board.
It's similar to billiards or
pool but played with fingers instead of cues.



Quizzy is likely a trivia or quiz game where players answer questions on various topics to earn points or progress in the game.the best online quiz, question-answer trivia and money earning game on the Rush app


Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders is a classic board game where players roll a die and move their tokens along a numbered grid. The goal is to reach the final square, avoiding "snakes" that can send you backward and using "ladders" to jump ahead.


Fruit Fight

Details were not provided, but it's likely a game involving fruit-themed gameplay. Players might compete in challenges related to fruits. Fruit Fight is the best online fruit cut and slice, money making game on the Rush app.


Brick Smash

In Brick Smash, players aim to break bricks using a ball and paddle. It's a classic arcade-style game where precision and timing are crucial. Brick Smash is the best online brick game on the Rush app to make a money.


Knife Master

Knife Master likely involves throwing knives at targets. Players might aim for accuracy and precision in hitting specified targets. is also best game in rush app to earn more money in less time period.



In an archery game, players simulate the sport of archery. They control a virtual bow and arrow, aiming for targets. archery is also best
game to make money more instantly within time period and easy to play and win archery game .



A football game simulates the sport of soccer. Players control teams, aiming to score goals by getting the ball into the opposing team's net. Shooting a ball comes in scene when you are closer to a goal and you need to score a goal.



A golf simulation game allows players to virtually play the sport of golf. They use clubs to hit a ball into a series of holes on a course. The Rush gaming app is perfect for you if you are looking for a free online golf app with real earn money.

Is Rush APK Work On PC

Rush APK Download On Pc

Yes, you can play the Rush: Ludo, Carrom Game Online APK on your PC

Rush App is mainly developed for mobile devices, particularly Android and iOS smartphones or operating system. It’s optimized to work on these platforms and may not have a Created and developed version for PC.

However, if you’re interested in playing mobile games on a PC, you can used an Android emulator. Emulators like BlueStacks, Nox, or LDPlayer allow you to run Android apps on a PC. Keep in mind that using emulators to play mobile games may have certain limitations and may not provide the same experience as playing on a mobile device.

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Stpes to Install the Rush APK on PC

Yes, you can play the Rush: Ludo, Carrom Game Online APK on your PC by using an Android emulator. You can run Android apps and games on your computer by using an emulator, which is software that makes your computer behave like an Android smartphone.

So, are you ready to install Rush APK? Yes, you are! let’s move toward the installation process.

Here are the steps to play Rush: Ludo, Carrom Game Online APK on PC:

Important Note: You don’t even need to use the suggested Android Application ; You can Choose any other one that suits you. But if you want the best experience, we really recommend Using the BlueStacks It’s pretty awesome!

Click Here To Show More Information :BlueStacks

1) Search for BlueStacks : Look up “BlueStacks” on your preferred search engine. Go to the official BlueStacks website to download the emulator. Make sure you download it from a trusted source to avoid malware.

2) Download and Install : Click on the download button on the BlueStacks website. Once the installer file is downloaded, open it and follow the on-screen instructions to install BlueStacks on your PC. This process may take a few minutes.

3) Launch BlueStacks : After installation, launch BlueStacks from your desktop or Start menu. It will open in a separate window, resembling an Android tablet.

4) Sign In or Set Up : You will be prompted to sign in with your Google account or create a new one. This is necessary to access the Google Play Store within BlueStacks.

5) Download the Rush APK :
Download the Rush: Ludo, Carrom Game Online APK .
clicked here to download : Rush: Ludo, Carrom Game

6) Locate the Rush APK File :
Navigate to where you saved the downloaded Rush APK file and open it with the emulator.

7) Install Rush Game :
The emulator will begin the installation process. Once completed, you should see the Rush game in the emulator’s app drawer.

8) Launch Rush Game :
Click on the Rush game icon to open and play it on your PC.

app interface in emulator

Users Reviews 

Erik Warsaw


Hello, This is app is nice I just got my withdrawal by playing only for 3 mins😌 This is the first app to give me 2rs in 3-4 min (fastest) Go for it.And to the people wondering I'm not a bot😃

Ramesh Reddy

Amar Jadhav

This app is very good I played some game and earned 2 rupees with some minutes it give you 2 withdrawals per day of min 2 to max 10 rupees try this app for earning small amounts through playing games


Dhana Shree31

wow! I loved this app, the withdrawal time was just a sec,I highly recommend that please download this app and earn money. best of luck

Gita Aroha

Ajinkya Panchal

this app was awesome , it doesn't need to add money just play and win and main thing was minimum withdrawal is 2rs

Mark Towers

Priyanka Dev

OMG 😳...I have withdrawn real money through UPI by just playing easy quiz. lol 🤣.....but really awesome app


To download the Rush Apk, Visit our website. There are many versions of Rush App available on our website, also you can visit official Rush App website and enter your mobile number. You’ll receive an SMS with the download link. Click on the link to download and install the app on your device.

The Rush App is made to offer a secure gaming environment, so the answer is yes. But it’s important that you conform to suggested security tips like avoiding sharing private information, employing secure passwords and important transaction details.

To create an account on Rush Apk, open the app and look for the “Sign Up” or “Register” option. Fill in the required information, which typically includes your mobile number and a verification code sent via SMS. Once confirmed, you’ll have successfully created an account on Rush Apk.

To play games on Rush Apk, first, ensure you have an active account and sufficient funds in your wallet. Open the app, select the game you want to play, and join a tournament or match’s. Follow the on-screen instructions and use the app’s interface to participate in the chosen game.

You can earn money on the Rush App by playing games and tournaments. Win matches, participate in tournaments with cash prizes, and refer friends to earn rewards and real money. Your earnings are added to your app wallet and can be withdrawn once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

Yes, some games may have entry fees. The app usually specifies the entry fee for each game, and it can vary based on the type of tournament or match.

To add money to your Rush Apk wallet, open the app and log in to your account. Look for the “Add Money” or “Deposit” option, usually located in the wallet section. Enter the amount you wish to add, select your preferred payment method, and complete the transaction to fund your wallet.

Yes, some games may have entry fees. The app usually specifies the entry fee for each game, and it can vary based on the type of tournament or match.

While the Rush App is mainly designed for mobile devices, you may be able to use an Android emulator on your PC to play the games.
How do I withdraw money from the Rush App?

You can typically find customer support contact information within the app or on the official website. This may include options like email support or a dedicated support chat.

If you’ve lost money on the Rush App due to a legitimate issue, it’s recommended to contact their customer support as soon as possible. Explain the situation with relevant details and provide any necessary evidence. The support team will review your case and take appropriate steps/action to make sure the issue, which may include a refund if deemed necessary.

Yes, the Rush App often has a referral program where you can invite friends to join, and you may earn rewards for successful referrals.

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